CRAG Interior is a project that began to take shape in 2020, when with the photographer Barbara Corsico we decided to photograph the most beautiful houses of our clients in which works of art from our gallery have been inserted.

The result was a publication of which we are very proud and which we would like to reproduce in future volumes.

On this page of our website you will find a selection of the interiors that have been published.

The first printed volume includes 20 locations including private homes and workplaces, some created by architectural firms we collaborate with.

We want to emphasise the importance of revising the relationship between art and interior in the interaction with the living space of homes and workplaces, in which the work of art becomes the protagonist.

It is the first volume, but we are sure that others will follow, with other houses, with other rooms. Our work is made of passion and research, a continuous journey of relationships from which emotions and beauty arise, often bonds of friendship and esteem. We like to follow everything, accompany the creativity of our young artists, create their path, understand the architects’ projects, discover the taste of our customers, and ensure that an experience is born from the gallery that accompanies all of us, in our daily life and in the our way of being and living.

In recent years we have been lucky enough to meet many people. Many of these have opened their homes to us and with our gallery we have become part of their daily lives and spectators of how their private spaces or their workplaces have welcomed our works of art. On some occasions the love at first sight prevailed, in other cases mistrust was overcome and in still others it was built together, and it is always exciting for us.

We would like to thanks the photographer Barbara Corsico and Luca Roux, our graphic designer, for their precious collaboration.