CHIONO REISOVA ART GALLERY (CRAG) is a gallery that works with emergent artists, in particular painters and sculptors, both Italian and foreigners, with a special regard to figurative subjects.

The Gallery is based in the centre of Turin from 2016 and runs by Elisabetta and Karin.

The focus of the gallery is the scouting of young artists and the support of middle career artists.

In our vision the gallery is also a space for experimental and curatorial projects. We are absolutely convinced of the importance of highly personal choices for running a gallery, beyond fashions, concentrating in quality of the artistic research, allowing artists to develop a recognition and a growth.

From January 2023, Crag Gallery is based in a very exciting new area of the city, in a bigger and post industrial exhibition space, and the gallerists continue their research, combining passion, collecting, discovery and the surprise that young artists can offer.