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Project by Anna Menaldo Architect

Anna Menaldo combines the experiences gained in contemporary and historical architecture and renovation of the new building. Passionate about architecture and of the Olivetti culture, she took part to the executive project of the “MAAM” (Open-air Museum of Modern Architecture of Ivrea) and she is still involved in the issues related to the restoration of the Modern. After ten years of experience as a founding partner of an associated firm, since 2007 she has been working as a freelancer with her a studio in Ivrea.


Interior by Interni Lab

It was born in Ivrea from the complementary personalities and professionalism of Sabrina Tonino and Edoardo Rocci. Together they imagined a new way of doing interior architecture: Internilab considers architecture a tool to ensure well-being and quality of life through the constant search for beauty and balance and to achieve this goal, the customer is accompanied in
all stages of the creative process, from design to implementation, to the supply of furnishings and accessories.