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per il comunicato stampa Daniel Pype in italiano per favore cliccare qui.


IN OCCASIONE DI FO.TO Fotografi a Torino apertura DOMENICA 5 MAGGIO ORE 10-12 e 15.30 – 18.30


Daniel Pype

LOUVRE 1987 – 2017

Solo show in the occasion of

FO.TO. Fotografi a Torino organised by the Museo Ettore Fico

3rd May – 1st June 2019

Opening Friday 3rd May 2019 from 5 – 10 p.m.

The artist will be present


Crag Gallery is glad to present “Louvre 1987 – 2017” the solo show of the French photographer Daniel Pype from the 3rd May to the 1st June 2019, in the occasion of FO.TO. Fotografi a Torino, organised by the Museo Ettore Fico.

Daniel Pype (1949 – Créteil, Paris) worked as a professional photographer since he was young and went in contact with personalities from the the Parisian and international art and culture world, such as Mirò, Andrè Malraux, Cesar, Tinguely and others.

Crag Gallery decided to exhibit for the FO.TO. event the series of photography “Louvre 1987 – 2017”, which is the result of a curious path began by the photograph in 1987 and ended in 2017. In 1987 Daniel Pype worked at the Louvre as night watchman and moved by the silence and by the night light that pervaded the art works of the museum, he started photographing sculptures and paintings. The results are an elegant and charming game of lights and shadows, clears and darks, details of the art works emphasised by the natural light of the external street lights and by the unusual framing that Pype catches with the longue exposures. The photos were kept by the artist since 2016, when he decided to show them for the first time to the Louvre director Pierre Rosemberg, which moved by their beauty, encouraged him to realise a new series in 2017 with digital photography.

It’s interesting the comparison between the analogic photography which characterises the series of 1987 and the digital one of 2017. The results are two faces of Louvre: lights act in different ways on sculptures and paintings, it comes out a completely new perception and how Pype’s work suggests us:” the work of Art reflects and carry the tracks of the time […] and the night, if listened, has the power to reveals new and beautiful secrets”.

During his long career Daniel Pype has collaborated with the magazines Connaissance des Arts and L’ Art Vivant, published by the Maeght gallery and he has collaborated for years with the Centre Pompidou. The artist is represented by the Photo 12 Gallery located in Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai.












Opening times

Tuesday-Friday 3.30 / 7.30 pm

Saturday 10-1 / 3.30-7.30 pm

Other days or hours by appointment