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CRAG Gallery is pleased to announce the participation to The Contemporary Art Fair Zurich, a popular and well-established art far in Switzerland, since 1999.

The project that CRAG Gallery will present includes works by four emerging artists represented by the gallery: Alessandro Cardinale, Giacomo Modolo, Diego Zangirolami and Tomas Tichy.

The works of these artists are united by a dialogue which includes on one side faces and portraits and on the other side landscapes, sometimes merged.

CRAG will present the works of Alessandro Cardinale (Padua, 1977) and in particular those of its latest production. The NU SHU series is characterised by the representation of Chinese women’s faces inspired by the artist’s last trip to China, a country where he has repeatedly exhibited after winning the International Section of the Biennial of Beijing in 2012. These works, which reveal the formation of the artist as a sculptor, are made of different materials, such as wood, iron and cotton and they are the result of a meticulous hand made work through the cut out of the lines that re-create the images. Observing from afar the works you will notice the faces, but if you look closely you have only the perception of how the structure is made. Then we will propose an installation of small-scale works by the painters Giacomo Modolo (Vicenza, 1988) and Diego Zangirolami (Turin, 1984). We want to combine faces made on canvas, board, paper that are the result of the great compositional and expressive skills of Modolo, as well as his colour research. The artist, oriented towards a figurative painting, gestural, impulsive but in absolut balanced synthesis, is punctuated by two thumbnails of Diego Zangirolami who, in his works that are mainly landscapes, combines literary, poetic, mythological, historical and cultural elements with a new approach and through an interesting integration between painting and architecture.Finally, we will display the works by Tomas Tichy (Prague, 1984), painter, with a work that combines landscape and people, to close the circle. The space in this case is merely a side, sometimes not perceived if it is internal or external, if it is real or if it’s photographic, while the subjects represented in his paintings look at us no longer, they live their present and we face the picture as if we were spying on them from a window. It is an interesting pictorial work, also for the content, combining classicism to modernity.