CRAG Gallery is proud to announce the new representation of the artist Ilaria Simeoni.

Ilaria Simeoni (Montebelluna, 1995) began her painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where, in 2021, she graduated from the “Second Level in Painting-Visual Arts”. In 2020 she was awarded the “First Prize” of the 103rd Young Artists Collective of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation with the work “Al mutare delle ombre”. In the same year he collaborated with the same Foundation and the School of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, in the creation of an Author’s Folder. Currently she works in Venice as a study assignee of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.

Her artistic research stems from the interest in observing landscape nature and its changes, where visions of pristine vegetation alternate with glimpses of gardens. This focus on the vision of nature, often observed from life, merges with the sphere of the imagination, where the artist tries to observe what he feels and what reality expresses. The study of these elements must speak to the individual, so that different visions can express various emotions and feelings of the soul, such as the garden, still considered today and in previous centuries, a refuge for an ideal place.

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