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CRAG – Chiono reisovà Art Gallery  – Turin 

A new gallery of contemporary art.

OPENING: April 29-30 – May 1, 2016-05-15


In an exciting moment for Turin on the cultural and contemporary art scene, we are glad to announce the opening of CRAG – Chiono Reisova Art Gallery, a new concept of gallery based in a post-industrial area of the city.

The newly opened Gallery, a home gallery inside the Piero Della Francesca Centre, promotes Italian and foreign emergent artists, but also already prominent artists, which together can be presented in exhibitions not only in the home gallery but also in different venues.

The Gallery focuses in particular on painting and sculpture, with a great attention to quality and to the artistic path of the artists.

The combination of an exhibition venue and a home, with the desire to share the passion for art and the work, creating a lifestyle, is not new for Karin Reisovà and Elisabetta Chiono.

The two gallerists started their collaborations in 2008 with Areacreativa42 where, in a maison charmant, welcome visitors organising exhibitions, cultural events, the Art Prize CBM, concerts and conferences. Now, with CRAG, in a completely different space, their local and international experiences find a new home and continue to grow.