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scarica il comunicato stampa in italiano cs Hauschka

CRAG Gallery opens the 2017 with the exhibition “In the middle of something” of the Czech painter Jiri Hauschka (1965) from February 24 to March 26, 2017.

Hauschka belongs to the “Stuckism”, an international art movement founded in 1999 by artists Billy Childish and Charles Thomson in the UK in order to promote an artistic research oriented to figurative painting, in opposition to the conceptual art of the Young British Artists.

The works on display were created in 2016. Woods, roads, mountains, lakes, rivers and architecture are part of a process during which the artist explored his relationship with nature and the environment around him, expressing a painting in balance between abstraction and realism.

Robert Janas, art historian, founder in 2004 of the Stuckism in Prague, wrote about Jiri Hauschka that in his paintings the Neo-Expressionism joins a strong feeling for the composition, based on open spaces bounded by accentuated contours and by the colors used symbolically to give liquidity to the form.

The beauty of his work is therefore what he calls the “story”, his story, that he wants to share in the middle of something with the public. His work brings the viewer in the balance between simple landscapes and the greatness of our surroundings.

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Cerna Labut Gallery, ArtLine of Prague and has the patronage of the Czech Centre of Culture of Milan.