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Filippo Bosso

Ad occhio nudo

Solo Show

  3 – 27 September 2020

Opening 3 – 4 – 5 September from 3.30 to 9 pm

the artist will be present


The exhibition will be open everyday by appointment

PRESS RELEASE (for the italian version Comunicato stampa Bosso 2020)

 CRAG is glad to present at the Home Gallery in via Maria Vittoria 45, Turin, the photographs of Filippo Bosso with the exhibition “Ad occhio nudo” from the 3rd of September 2020 to the 27th. The thirty artworks are all selected from a long journey of silent photographic practice, away from the clamor. In the New York pictures of 1979, it is already perceptible the research of the essential, pursued till today, and conducting thought of Filippo Bosso’s work.

His capacity of taking over the “space-time situation”, catching just a few elements considered relevant to his eye, is presented in three series of works: details of Shangai’s architecture, horizons between sea and sky in Wales and refined shots of vegetal elements, at times to the limit of the abstraction.

The pictures, that with extreme quality represent the relationship of the author with the world both natural and constructed, are solved with a freedom sense, a thin emotion that is actually anti-rhetorical. Filippo Bosso’s work fits perfectly with a thought by Diego Mormorio “Who takes pictures thinking about the audience, takes pictures not for himself but for the others”.

In his landscapes is perceived the feeling of the author facing the vastness of nature and only a few lines are needed, the detail of a surfer in the distance or of the wind turbines on the horizon because the observer could complete the scene in his own mind imagining the hidden part.

During the lockdown it was common in the art world and not only, to reflect about the need of finding a dimension that exiles from the continuous spectacularisation of our lives and of our actions: we will understand if these reflections will find their own space and if there will be some changes. For now CRAG Gallery, in this exhibition, through the experience of Filippo Bosso, invites to think again about sobriety, aesthetic beauty and about the intimate emotional tension.


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The exhibition will be open everyday by appointment

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