Il Kwoon Yoon (Incheon, South Korea – 1990) studied at the Hong-Ik University (Printmaking, BFA), Seoul, South Korea.

In 2020 he obtained a Master’s degree in Print to the Royal College of Art, London.

Adopting very human tendencies to make sense of our world – stacking, layering, ordering, filtering and re-membering – Yoon encourages us to pay attention to the things we miss in our daily lives and invites us to look to the empty spaces in our memories. He reminds us how insensitive we have become to our surroundings and he asks us to slow down. Radically, the work is perhaps about ‘slow looking’, which, in the context of an art fair, is pretty challenging (Chiara Williams).

‘The Path of Eyes’ is a series of mixed media works addressing the value of the unnoticed visual information that surrounds us on daily journeys. From that which is routinely missed, to that which is literally overlooked, we are all so busy getting somewhere that we are often not present in the moment. The artist retraced a journey in South Korea, from Seoul to Donghae, to find his old primary School. Yoon took hundreds of photographs along the journey, wherever his gaze happened to pause or linger, accumulating them into a fastidious mosaic of smaller images laid over the central image of his ‘memorable place’. The work echoes the journey itself; by elevating the ‘unimportant’ collateral scenes into the same field as the consciously viewed subject, Yoon asserts their value, endowing what we miss with as much significance as that which we gaze upon in order to remember.

‘Memory’ is the title of the large sculptural work in the middle of the stand and it focuses on the characteristics of objects comprised of layers. Napkins, stacked in countless ply, are quickly used and forgotten everyday objects. The screen-printed images derive from photographs of the artist’s primary school classmates. Yoon reproduces the faces of those remembered, partly remembered and completely forgotten, to communicate the process of fading memory. Although we may have forgotten most of our classmates, the clarity of our memory depends on our attachment to the individual, and the artist is interested in the disparities between these vestiges of memory.

‘The Movement in the Space’ is a series of delicate etchings describing the movement of playground equipment. Although derived from the artist’s own childhood memories, by silently re-animating the objects and figures in this way, he summons and imprints the past onto the present, inviting us to recall our own playground memories.

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Selected recent Works



2017 -            Royal College of Art (Print, MA), London, UK

2010 - 2016   Hong-Ik University (Printmaking, BFA), Seoul, South Korea


2019 Vestiges of Seeing, March 2019, Crag Gallery, Turin (Italy)

2019   Chiara Williams Contemprorary Art: Vestiges of Seeing, London Art Fair, London, UK

2017   The Moment, EK Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016   'Yoon Ilkwon' Solo Exhibition, ART SPACE POP Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2019 The Others Art Fair, Artissima Week, Crag Gallery, Turin

2018   National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London, UK

The Solo Award, Cello Factory, London, UK

WiP show, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2016   EK Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

TETSUSON, Tokyo, Japan

EK Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Korean Prints Contest, Seoul, Korea

合, E-Mok Gallery, Seoul, Korea

De Flore Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Grange Galley, Seoul, Korea

2015   Osaka Art Uni. International Exhibition, Osaka, Japan

Art Ulsan, Ulsan, Korea

17th International Biennale of Engraving Sarcelles, France

Graduation Exhibition of Hong-ik Univ (Printmaking Dept), Seoul, Korea


2019 London Art Fair, London

2016   Art Busan, Busan, Korea

Gyeon-Nam Art Fair, Chang-Won, Korea

2015   ASYAAF, Seoul, Korea



2018   Winner for 2018 Solo Award, UK

2016   Korean Prints Contest, Korea

2015   Grand Prize (Graduation Exhibition, Hong-Ik Univ), Korea Parsing Properties, Palazzo Pisani, Vicenza