Mickael Doucet was born in Blois (France) in 1974 and he currently lives and works in Paris.

Through stretches of architectural rigor, he creates contemporary spaces that seem abandoned by their inhabitants and in whose privacy we invade. Mickael Doucet leaves traces of a presence that has evaporated and he uses to represent contemporary elements as house and objects with references to antiquity.

This “utopian elsewhere”, as defined by Doucet, is offered to our eyes, but if we look carefully it is less inaccessible from what it seems. In fact, sometimes it is simply our home, where we have retired far from conflict, to think and meditate, with the help of art and culture.

Curator Marion Guggenheim describes Doucet’s work as “something luxurious. But the luxury of being alone in free spaces, something rare in our urban reality.”

He currently works with
CRAG Gallery, Torino. Italy
Galerie Charron, Paris
L’ime art gallery, France / South Korea
Marion Guggenheim, Paris / Lisbon

Please click here to see the exhibition “La possibilitè d’une Ile”

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Selected Works


Selected solo exhibitions

2023 – scheduled

Extend Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgique

Galerie Virginie Louvet, Paris France


Hanabi (Feux d’artifices) Artcan Gallery, Marseille, France


Les entre-temps, Galerie Virginie Louvet, Paris, France

Entrevoir, Boa Lab présenté par Marion Guggenheim, Lisbonne, Portugal

Le jeu des possibles, galerie Artcan, Marseille, France


La possibilità di un’isola – Crag Gallery, Turin, Italy

 French Contemporary – Marion Guggenheim /  Samuel Landée ,Paris, france


Lascaux Paris, (paper works) – Galerie Charron, Paris

In Fine – Galerie Charron, Paris

 Lascaux 1 – Jiu Wan Li wuchang talent base, Wuhan – China

Lascaux 2 – Xiaoci – Zhiang zhang east road, Hangzhou, China   

2017    – Shao Huo, Galerie Charron – Paris –  France

2016    – Mimesis, Galerie Charron & Galerie Mondapart –

Paris & Boulogne-Billancourt – France

2015    – The Solo Project Basel, Galerie Charron – Basel – Switzerland

– Private exhibition of the series “Villégiatures” at the Residence of the

Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Republic of Slovenia to

the Council of Europe in Strasbourg,  Galerie Charron

Strasbourg – France

– Interview in Hu Haizi Broadcast for  Hangzhou TV (China)

2014    – Villegiatures, Galerie Charron, Paris- France

– Espaces libres, Galerie Charron Paris- France

2012    – Terra incognita, Galerie Charron Paris- France

2011    – Atlantis 2101, Galerie  Art Fontainebleau, fontainebleau – France

– La dialectique de l’absurde, Galerie  JDC, Saint-Leu-La-Forêt – France

Prizes and collections

Collection of Luciano Benetton Foundation, Milano –  Italy

Finalist Open art Miami award prize 2017 – Miami – USA​

Selected Threadneedle award prize – London – England

Selected group shows & Collections 


The French way, a la française, Spingboard Arts gallery, Chicago, Etats-Unis

Spring Collection, Crag gallery, Turin, Italie

Inner Light in a Room with a View, commissariat de Marion Lamy, New York, Etats- Unis

Art Karlsruhe, Hall 2, galerie Charron, Karlsruhe, Allemagne


–  In your eyes / online exhibition Cragallery, Turin, Italy

– Art Karlsruhe, Hall 2, Galerie Charron – Germany


– Le canoé orange , galerie Charron, Paris France

–    De l ‘autre côté, L’ime art gallery, Paris

 –    Lascaux, Art Fontainebleau Gallery, Fontainebleau

–  P/CAS contemporary artshow, paris, France

– Summer Exhibition, Crag gallery, Turin, Italy


– Art Karlsruhe, Hall 2, Galerie Charron – Germany

– Art Bodensee , Galerie Charron – Austria

– Join the dots  / Unire le distanze, Salone degli Incanti

Foundation Luciano Benetton – Trieste – Italy

2017    – Christmas Collection, CRAG gallery, Torino, Italy

– Art Elysées Paris, Galerie Charron – France

– Art Bodensee , Galerie Charron – Austria

– Art Karlsruhe, Hall 2, Galerie Charron – Germany

– Mediterranean Routes / Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo,

zona arti contemporanee – Foundation Luciano Benetton –

Palermo – Italy

2016    – Kunst 16 Zurich, Galerie Charron

– Art Elysées Paris, Galerie Charron

– Third Biennale of contemporary sacred art, European Heritage Days

  • –  Saint Germain l’Auxerrois church – Pantin – France

–   Art Karlsruhe Hall 1 – Parrallel project with the photographer

Stephanie de Rougé – Galerie Charron, Karlsruhe – Germany

2015    – Kunst 15 Zurich, Galerie Charron, Zurich – Switzerland

– Kunstmesse Frankfurt, Galerie Charron  – Frankfurt – Germany

– California Dream, Espace Cardin-Text of Sarah Ihler-Meyer, historian &

art critic at Art Press

– Art Up Lille, Galerie Charron – Press article of Olivier Aballain for the

newspaper  “20 minutes”

2014    – Offline, les Docks, Cité de la mode et du design, Galerie Charron &

Artsper, Paris – France

– Selection of a painting from the series Villégiatures entitled “Le jour au

fond d’une serrure” for the online art website Artsper by Pierre

Cornette de Saint Cyr, the most well- known Parisian Auctioneer

– Place aux Jeunes ! Galerie Guillaume Paris –  France

2013    – New Blood ! Borrowings and citations in contemporary artworks :

Curator Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, former French Minister of

culture & Marie Duffour, Arstper.

– DDessin, Paris, Galerie Charron

– Fondation Rosenblum collection & friends, Paris – France


2018   Dandy magazine July-August 2018

2017   Instant present – Contemporary artist  from France – IMA,

Foundation Luciano Benetton

2017   Not Random Art Magazine

1340Art magazine New York