Lucia Kralikova was born in Czech Republic in the 1998 and now she is a  student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

The very young artist ranges from pictorial to digital research, alternating with installation and a variety of materials, methods and perspectives. Strongly influenced by the scenography studies of the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague, she focuses in particular on the relationship between work of art and viewer and on the emotions that the work of art can evoke. Since her very first works, Lucia has focused on themes related to the body of women, ranging from still life, where she paints small personal objects, which together define the person, self-portraits and portraits of other women.It focuses in particular on the surrounding space, on the things and body language that define the most intimate space of the female being, with all its contradictions, difficulties, bonds and beauty.

Lucia Kralikova enjoys exploring the details of her life and sharing their most intimate moments. The fact that she is still studying painting doesn’t mean that painting is the only form of expression she uses.  Lucia’s work often deals with issues related to female bodies, intimacy, and hedonism. In her latest works, she experiments with cording and a technique she learned from her grandmother.


2022 Artist residency – Guttenberg Arts, NJ, USA

2021 Bachelor‘s degree
at Cevro university in Prague in Law in business

2020 Artikl online internship
a magazine about art based in Prague

2020 Scenography Internship
at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

2018 Painting studio
at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

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Selected Works



2023 "Člověk" - curated by Anna Pulkertová -group show, Opero, Prague

​2023 On chair - Balancing on the Edge of the Comfort - curated by Eva Slunečková & Romana Drdová -group show, The Design, Prague, CZ

​2023 Becoming Art Crag gallery - group show, Turin, Italy

2022 "Stop history" - Warsaw off Art, Poland

2022 „Brutal Assault Art show“, Jaroměř, Czech Republic

​2022 "Hluboko dole",  Galerie V Dole, Ostrava, Czech republic

​2022 „Nechat se splést“ - ArtDistrict7, solo, Gallerie na Miladě at Prague, Czech Republic

2022 Women‘s day - Crag gallery, Turin, Italy

2022 "Digital and beyond" - Southampton Arts center, NY, USA

​2021 "Critical abstraction" - Visual Arts Gallery
group exhibition at the University of Wyoming, USA

2021 Critical abstraction
at University of Wyoming Visual Arts Gallery, USA and online

2021 Last desk in my classroom
at Black Swan gallery in Prague

2021 Hédonist solo show
at Vault 42 in Olomouc

2020 Topless
at Black Swan gallery in Prague

2019 Girls, girls, girls
at Black Swan Gallery in Prague