Lorenzo Gnata (Biella, 1997) is an Italian artist. He is graduated from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

His artistic research is concentrated around the dramas of the contemporary human being, showing, through actions with a strong poetic impact, all his fragility.

He has a “conceptual-figurative” approach, and uses images and symbols to talk about matters far beyond the mere visible.

Works by him have been exhibited at: Reggia di Venaria (Turin), Artissima (Turin), La Triennale (Milan), Treccani Foundation (Naples), Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice).


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The following artworks are made with the 3D pen and are part of the last exhibition of Lorenzo Gnata at Crag Gallery.

As part of Novissimi+, the first edition of the To.Be call dedicated to the professional growth of emeging artists, coming from a training course at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, the Ghёddo Association and CRAG – Chiono Reisova Art Gallery present Listen. It’s raining, personal exhibition of Lorenzo Gnata.
The exhibition proposal, curated by the Ghёddo Association and CRAG Gallery is part of a wider program of exhibitions, curated by the Ghёddo Association, which provides for the collaboration between artists and contemporary art spaces in the Turin area. The entire project is carried out with the support and patronage of the Accademia Albertina of Turin and the City of Turin and with the support of the Venesio Foundation.
Listen. It’s raining – the title of which draws inspiration from Gabriele D’Annunzio’s famous poem Rain in the Pine Grove – is a project specially conceived by Lorenzo Gnata for CRAG Gallery. «Those of the “poet poet” are verses full of panic sensations, in which the rain, like an invisible veil, without distinction, covers and envelops everything, making everything a single pulsation of nature» – says the artist.
Thus, conceived as an aesthetic homage to Nature and to the places where human feeling and the plant world interpenetrate, the exhibition narrates, through sculptures and environmental installations, the ineffable delicacy of emotions.

foto credits Marco Farmalli


  • Ascolta.Piove, solo show Crag Gallery, Turin (in collaboration with Associazione Gheddo and Albertina Academy of Fine Arts)
  •  “Figure”, group show, curated byi L. Motto, Civica Galleria d’arte contemporanea “Filippo Scroppo”, Torre Pellice (TO).
  • M “The Upcoming Art part_4”, group show, curated by  F. Canfora, Associazione Alessandro Marena, Torino (TO).
  •  “Premio del Disegno” and Special Mention, group show, curated by  L. Motto e F. Poli, Civica Galleria d’arte contemporanea “Filippo Scroppo”, Torre Pellice (TO).
  •  “Stormi”, solo show, curated by F. M. GiallombardoWhite Lands Art Gallery, Torino.
  • “RigenerArti”, group show,  Giardini della Reggia di VenariaVenaria Reale (TO).
  •  “Dove sei?”, solo show, Palazzo Rabino, Cortemilia (CN).
  •  “Humanature”, group show, curated by L. Cena, White Lands Art Gallery, Torino.
  • “Arte come Resistenza – Dalla Resistenza storica alle Resistenze attuali”, group show, curated by I. Borgo, Civica Galleria d’arte contemporanea “Filippo Scroppo”, Torre Pellice (TO).
  • “Antivirus – Mascherine d’artista”, group show, curated by di M. Albeltaro, P. Mesa Capella, Dr Fake Cabinet, Torino.
  • “Mouvement I, La nascita di un’antigalleria”, group show, curated by M. Albeltaro, P. Mesa Capella, Dr Fake Cabinet, Torino.
  •  “Neapolis – Nuova città, nuove arti”, group show, curated by F. Dell’Aversana, fondazione Treccani, Napoli.
  •  “Passione bi-polare”, group show, curated by G. Romeo, L. Valle, E. Di Mauro, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia.
  •  “Welcome to the Machine”, group show, curated by F. Canfora, Politecnico di Torino, Torino.
  •  “Building a New World”, group show, curated by ProgettoHecate, Accademia Albertina, Torino, FISAD 2019.
  • “Blanked Out”, group show, curated by F. CanforaStudio Labjus, Torino.
  • Res Humanae – Installazione site-specific, Biella.
  • Mostra collettiva “Ars Captiva”- De_Locazioni”, Housing Giulia, Torino, .
  • Mostra collettiva, Museo Toni Benetton, Mogliano Veneto (TV).
  • Mostra collettiva “Abilitart”, a cura di P. BelgioiosoPalazzo Lascaris, Torino, .
  • GuardiAMOci – La Triennale, Milano, Grafica su modello 3D.
  • VR46 – La Triennale, Milano, Grafica su modello 3D.
  • Qual è l’ultima cosa che hai imparato? – Performance, Artissima, Torino.