Jiri Hauschka (1965, Czech Republic) lives and works in Prague.

“I am like a fascinated pilgrim and painting is the best way, how to show, what the world of my pilgrimage looks like.“

Jiri Hauschka is one of the most interesting artists to have emerged in the Czech Republic during the quarter of century that has followed the fall of the Communist regime that had governed the country, then still United with its neighbouring territory, Slovakia, since the end of World War II. His originality can be traced to a number of sources. (Edward Lucie-Smith)

We are proud to communicate that Jiri Hauschka has been included in the publication by Tames and Husdon

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Selected Works


Solo shows

2024 – listed CRAG GALLERY

2023 Gallery Schlassgoart, Esch (Luxembourg)

2023 Muzeum Sumperk (Czechia)

2022 | Valentiny Foundation, Schengen (Luxembourg)

2021 | GAD – Giudecca Art District, Venice (Italy)

2020 | CRAG Gallery, Turin (Italy)

2019 | Black Swan Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2017 | CRAG Gallery, Turin (Italy)

2015 | House Art Gallery, In the Middle of Somewhere, Prague (Czechia)

2014 | Oko Gallery (Town Hall Gallery), Opava (Czechia)

2013 | Michal‘s Collection Gallery (with Albert Ruiz Villar), Prague (Czechia)

2013 | Magna Gallery, Ostrava (Czechia)

2012 | 21st Century Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2011 | Vltavín Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2011 | Red Gate Gallery, London (with J. Valecka) (Unided Kingdom)

2011 | Rabas Gallery, Rakovník (Czechia)

2010 | Kotelna Gallery, Říčany (Czechia)

2010 | XXL Gallery, Louny (Czechia)

2008 | Dolmen Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2006 | The Residence Gallery, London (Unided Kingdom)

2005 | Town Hall Gallery Prachatice (Czechia)

2004 | Library Gallery Liberec (Czechia)


 Group shows

2023 Stuckists in Ostrov, Gallery Karlovy Vary (Czechia)

2022 | „Stuck in Venice“, CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo, Venice (Italy)

2021 | NordArt (Germany)

2018 | NordArt – Czech pavilion (Germany)

2017 | Quintus Gallery, Watkins Glen (USA)

2016 | The Stuckists, View Two Gallery, Liverpool (Unided Kingdom)

2016 | Art Prague, Prague (Czechia)

2015 | Stuckism: Remodernising the Mainstream, Studio 3 Gallery, Canterbury (Unided Kingdom)

2014 | Art and time, Black Swan Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2014 | Explorers and Inventors, Phoenix (USA)

2013 | Stuck between Prague and London, Nolias Gallery, London (Unided Kingdom)

2013 | STUCK in Pardubice, Town Hall Gallery Pardubice (Czechia)

2012 | Stuckists: Elizabethian Avant-Garde, Bermondsey project, London (Unided Kingdom)

2012 | Original and perspective, Klatovy – Klenová Gallery (Czechia)

2012 | Endangered species, ArtPro Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2011 | Enemies of Art, Lauderdale House, London (Unided Kingdom)

2011 | Prague stuckists, Town Hall Gallery Chrudim (Czechia)

2010 | Stuckists and guests, 21st Century Gallery, Prague, (Czechia)

2010 | „Summer choice“ Gallery Vltavín, Prague (Czechia)

2010 | „Prague stuckists“, Gallery Dolmen, Prague (Czechia)

2008 | Art Prague, Mánes, Prague (Czechia)

2007 | „Stuck in the middle of November“, Topičův salon Gallery, Prague (Czechia)

2006 | „The Brighton Stuckists“ Art House Gallery, Brighton (Unided Kingdom)