Jiri Hauschka (1965, Czech Republic) lives and works in Prague.

In a very persuasive way Hauschka connects the tradition of the Czech painting with the context of the international art scene. His work moves on the border of abstract and figurative painting. He works with stimuli from his surrounding. He gives real objects timeless meaning by generalizing them in abstract shapes. This way he manages to objectify not only figures and objects but untouchable  moods and feelings which in his paintings receive tangible physical form. Hauschka’s  paintwork is soaked with strong energy and expression. It pulses with an intensive inner charge. It portraits the deeply rooted tradition of the Central European expressionism which played an important part in the paintings of Germany, Czech Republic and Austria already from the start of the 20th century.

The artistic site of Hauschka was mainly influenced by his stay in Great Britain in 2005-2006. In London he met up with the founders of the so called Stuckist movement which lead to the beginning of the more realistic art expression in his work. He keeps balancing on the border of the abstraction and realism which is common for him in his art. The tone of his paintings is changing. While before his trip to England he was moving on the abstract site of the border he slowly moved towards the realistic spectrum in his work. In the paintings created in England the real shapes are starting to come out of the abstract mass. In the recent work these shapes are taking on a real art scenes. What is typical for Hauschka’s paintings stays the same; his sense of surface composition, clear outlines, symbolic colours and especially the fluid form of his shapes which adds the organic feel to his objects. In the recent paintings these characteristics were fully utilized. It seems that in his latest work he reached the  exact balance between the abstraction and realism which corresponds with his art style.

Robert Janas

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Selected Works



2020 The Owls are not what they seem, CRAG Gallery, Turin

2019 Black Swan gallery, Prague
2017 CRAG Galley, Turin (I)
2015 Black Swan Gallery, Vernisage, Prague (CZ)
2015 House Art Gallery, In the Middle of Somewhere, Prague (CZ)
2014 Era Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2014 Oko Gallery (Town Hall Gallery), Opava (CZ)
2013 Michal‘s Collection Gallery (with Albert Ruiz Villar), Prague (CZ)
2013 Magna Gallery, Ostrava (CZ)
2012 21st Century Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2011 Vltavín Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2011 Red Gate Gallery, London (with J. Valecka) (UK)
2011 Rabas Gallery, Rakovník (CZ)
2010 Stuckists and guests, 21st Century Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2010 Kotelna Gallery, Říčany (CZ)
2008 Dolmen Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2010 XXL Gallery, Louny (CZ)
2006 The Residence Gallery, London (UK)
2005 Hellge Gallery, Passau (D)
2005 Town Hall Gallery Prachatice (CZ)
2004 Library Gallery Liberec (CZ)


2017 The Stuckists at Cass Art, Cass Art Gallery, London (UK)
2016 The Stuckists, View Two Gallery, Liverpool (UK)
2016 Art Prague, Prague (CZ)
2015 Stuckism: Remodernising the Mainstream, Studio 3 Gallery, Canterbury (UK)
2015 Art Prague, Prague (CZ)
2014 Art and time, Black Swan Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2014 Gallery Goltozova tvrz, Golčův Jeníkov (CZ)
2014 The Stuckists, Explorers and Inventors, Phoenix (USA)
2014 STUCK!!, Vltavín Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2014 Group M, Gallery Rabas Rakovník (CZ)
2013 Stuck between Prague and London, Nolias Gallery, London (UK)
2013 Group M, Castle Kvasiny (CZ)
2013 Group M Gallery Mánes, Prague (CZ)
2013 STUCK in Pardubice, Town Hall Gallery Pardubice (CZ)
2012 Stuckists: Elizabethian Avant-Garde, Bermondsey Gallery, London (UK)
2012 Original and perspective, Klatovy – Klenová Gallery (CZ)
2012 Endangered species, ArtPro Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2011 Enemies of Art, Lauderdale House Gallery, London (UK)
2011 Prague stuckists, Town Hall Gallery Chrudim (CZ)
2010 Stuckists and guests, 21st Century Gallery, Prague
2010 „Summer choice“ Gallery Vltavín, Prague (CZ)
2010 „Private landscape“ Gallery S.U.V. Mánes Diamant, Prague (CZ)
2009 „Art at the castle“, Ostrava castle, Ostrava (CZ)
2009 „Prague stuckists“, Gallery Dolmen, Prague (CZ)
2008 „Stuck in the middle od November II”, Gallery Dolmen (CZ)
2008 Art Prague, Mánes, Prague (CZ)
2007 „Stuck in the middle od November”, Topičův salon Gallery, Prague (CZ)
2006 „The Brighton Stuckists” Art House Gallery, Brighton (UK)