Giacomo Modolo (1988), after graduating at the Art School of Vicenza, obtained his bachelor degree in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice on February 2011 and, at the same institution, a postgraduate degree in Decoration on February 2013. He took part in several group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, displaying paintings, drawings and graphics.

During the academic year 2011/2012 he worked as a tutor at the laboratory of chalcography of Prof. Alberto Balletti at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and now is working as a Professor of painting, research and experimentation at the Cignaroli Academy of Verona.

Characterized by an apparent falsification and deconstruction of representation, the works of Giacomo Modolo actually depict subjects and objects which have a vivid spatial and figurative concreteness.
The artist expresses himself in a synthesis of shapes and colors that gives life to human figures contextualized in environments without visible references, a result of the imagination and insight of the artist.
This leads to a materialization of thought that manifests itself first with the design, through what he calls the “sign”. Following the painting, that gives shape and volume in a perfect balance, capable of representing the internal dynamism of the composition.
The subjects are moving within the painting, in a conscious elaboration and representation of stories, experiences and memories that have been narrated and subsequently reinterpreted in the contemporary world.

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Selected recent Works


Selected exhibitions


Murales, Pinacoteca del Guercino, Cento

Autocensura, Group Show, Crag Gallery, Turin

ArtVerona, Crag Gallery, Verona


Blaze, solo show, Crag Gallery, Turin


Premio San Fedele, selected artist, Milan


Premio Combat, finalist, Livorno (Italy)

ArtVerona 2019, modern and contemporary art fair, Verona (Italy)


Project Room #1, Solo Show, Crag Gallery, Turin


TRANSITI ININTERROTTI, exhibition of Giacomo Modolo and Zuzana Pernicova, Centro di Cultura Ceca, Milano, Italy

SUL FENOMENO, collective exhibition, Artù Gallery, Vicenza, Italy

SET UP CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Crag Gallery, Bologna, Italy


ArtVerona 2016, modern and contemporary art fair, Verona (Italy)

Contemporary Zurich Art Fair 2016, Zurich (CH)

Public Murales, Parco della Solidarietà, Marano (Vicenza)

1 x 1, CRAG Gallery, Turin

ArtPrague Fair, Kafka's House, Prague, CZ

Contra-Pose Show, Curator’s Voice Art Projects Gallery, Miami, US

- 2015

Papermade Biennial paper works, Fogazzaro Palace, Schio, Vicenza

BianconeroAtelier 3 +10, Venice Mestre

Premium in occasion of Art Basel, Curator’s Voice Art Projects Gallery, Miami, Florida

1518, Historical Building Catullo Park, Perschiera del Garda, Verona

Gold/ Italy, exhibition at the Gold Art Fair, Arezzo

Ghisa Art Fusion, Shed Space, Schio, Vicenza

Portraits from K.’s diary, solo exhibition, Spazio Punto Ottico, Vicenza

L’abito del male, Cultural Centre La Medusa, Este, Padova

- 2014

Bodies, Family Banker Office in Banca Mediolanum, Lonigo, Vicenza

Parsing Properties, Pisani Palace, Lonigo, Vicenza

Ricostruzioni, Areacreativa42, Rivarolo, Turin

Guerra e Pace, Polo B55, Vicenza

- 2013

Premio Bonatto Minella, finalist, Areacreativa42, Rivarolo, Turin

Alètheia, Pisani Palace, Lonigo, Vicenza

Schorndorf Kunstnacht, Kunstverein, Schorndorf, Germany

Craft of Mind, Sanbapolis, Trento

Al Quadrato, Oddo Palace, Albenga, Savona

ArtItaly, Domagk Ateliers, Munich, Germany

- 2012

Biennial of paper works, Sofia, Bulgaria

IntuAzioni, Fluida Art Gallery, Venice

Peli superflui, Art Night, Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Decoration Atelier, Venice

7° International Biennial Engraving Prize City of Monsummano Terme, Pistoia

- 2011

Il velo della sposa, Forte Marghera/Pavilion 35, Mestre

... et noli contristari, Little Gallery U.C.A.I. Brescia

- 2010

Corpo EX/Posto, Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Salt Stores, Venice

Corpo EX/Posto, Sofia Academy of Fine Arts, Bulgaria

- 2009

Il figliol prodigo, San Zenone Church, Little Gallery U.C.A.I, Brescia

Nuovi orizzonti in laguna, Cultural Centre Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentine