Filippo Bosso was born in Ayas in 1952 and lives in Piedmont.

Passionate about photography since he was a boy, he refined his shooting technique and his methods in the darkroom working as a student in a photographic studio. His professional activity then developed into other areas and led him from the beginning to visit and learn about various countries, especially in Europe and North America. From 2000 he began to attend China for work, where he later moved and lived from 2010 to 2015.

He never abandoned his studies and his passion for photography, which led to the development of numerous photographic series that are completely different from each other but united by minimalist, elegant and clean formal research.

The desire for perfection and stylization is an essential element in his photographic images. Bosso chooses in his work to eliminate the superfluous, confusion and unnecessary complications, to rearrange the mind, according to a perspective of sober life, in some ways detached from material things. Not only that, he invites us to focus on doing less and doing it well, instead of doing more assuming it is better, he makes us less dispersive, more determined and more present.

By letting the observer complete the scene in his mind, the photographic images create a sense of mystery and are able to arouse emotions through simplicity, leaving room for the spectator’s creativity, pleasantly forcing him to look beyond the obvious and imagine the hidden.

Bosso makes us discover how with effective effects of lights and shadows in black and white the beauty of both the sinuous shapes of the lotus leaves and the rigorous geometries of modern architecture can be drawn and how the nature of certain landscapes does not require words or spectacularization, since they are already something great.


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