Bea Sarrias is an artist from Barcelona who has created her pictorial artwork in this city, drawing inspiration from the topics and places that have given birth to the most significant lines of her artistic work.

Her entire body of work is developed through painting, using a realistic technique that takes its main references from American realism of the 20th century. She is particularly interested in the modernity of conceptual terms and pays close attention to the careful handling of perspective, light, color, and a clean brushwork regarding formal terms. This is clearly evident in her artwork, which is inspired by the works of Spanish architects such as José Antonio Coderch, Antonio Bonet Castellana, and international architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Pierre Koenig, and Richard Neutra.

All of her projects are a continuation of her previous work, with the common underlying theme being the use of architecture as a tool to express light.

Despite the complete lack of human figures in her portrayals of specific architectonic spaces, Sarrias is able to evoke the sense of inhabitation through her representations of interior spaces. This allows the viewer to glimpse the intention of bringing the living subjects that have created a memory of the place through the objects that compose the scenes.

In 2019, Sarrias completed a project called “INSIDE” for the new NATO headquarters in Brussels, in which she painted a “portrait” of the building to capture the soul of the people working there.

Sarrias has participated in various collective and individual art exhibitions in her hometown and Madrid, where her artwork has been well received by critics and local media who emphasize her conscious and fine use of light and shadows.

Her work has also been exhibited in different cities such as New York, Oslo, Malmö, and Brussels, and is in various collections such as the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Open Earth Foundation, and Eileen Kaminsky Foundation, Saffca Foundation.


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“Geometry & Color: Gio Ponti”. Michèle Schoonjans Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, March.

Group exhibition at Nordic Art Agency, Malmö, Sweden, April.

Group exhibition at Galleri Mokum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, April.

Presentation at Crag Gallery, Turin, Italy, April.

“Menorca interiors”, Artisitc Residency and exhibtion at Casa Estudio Granados, Menorca, Spain, July, August.

“A house like me”: Malaparte at Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway, September.