Alessandro Cardinale (1977 Padova – Italy) graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.He has been working developing the theme of light and visual perception through many media preferring installation.

He took part to several art exhibitions promoted by art galleries, public institutions and foundations for contemporary art both in Italy and abroad, among which: NAMOC National Art Museum of China – Beijing, Factory 798 Art District – Beijing, Building Bridges Art Foundation – Los Angeles, Italian culture institute of San Francisco.

His artworks are featured in private and public collections: Peano Foundation – Cuneo; Pardes Foundation – Mirano | Venice, Areacreativa42 – Rivarolo | Torino, North Art Space Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia, Building Bridges Art Foundation – Los Angeles.

In 2012 he won the international section of the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale exhibiting at the National Art Museum of China.


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Nu Shu is a an artwork about language and communication, in particular it deals with the dynamics of the comprehension of a message. The work has been inspired by the chinese language called “Nu Shu”, a secret women language created in the past in the region of Húnán – China, without men’s knowledge, to share their own memories and experiences secretly written in the embroided fans and suits that men thought to be simple decorations. On the contrary they were encrypted messages that were handed down from generation to generation as silent witness of the female condition of the time. Similar to a sculpture this work also has different points of view: this work changes in appearance according to the point of view of the observer up to entirely change both in the aspect than in the meaning. It is made of carved wooden sticks that recall the shape of the fan on which the messages were written. They are put together so that only from one precise position it is visible the image of an oriental female face, which can be lost when changed, as  the “messages” return to be no more comprehensible.


I re-develop huge slides by scratching a transparent plexiglass surface with a needle point. I start off with a black polished surface and then cross thousands of scratches which initially seem an indefinite line scrap that undergoes long elaboration to unfold into the given shape I want to pursue. Light trespassed the surface through this crossroad of filaments which represent my own personal notes on the whole. In a digital era where images are created and modified more and more rapidly, I recover slowness meant as concentration and balance. I try to trap it on glass scraping off exceeding material, as in a sculpture, spreading what was once a shot in time.


The artistic research  of Alessandro Cardinale starts  from   sculpture, but soon his attention turns to the loss of its traditional values such as the monumentality and the heaviness, implementing a progressive “abandonment of the material”.It is a constant attempt to reverse the scale of values by giving importance to things that normally are not so important, often concentrating on the absence of material and trying to work and create through it, suggesting ideas and forms, or trying to give substance to concepts that have no weight such as memory and time.


Solo Exhibitions

2021 CONFINI, CRAG Gallery, Turin – Italy

2019 Unraveling, curator: Elisabetta Donaggio, L’Occhio Gallery, Venice – Italy

2018 NU SHU | curators: Francesca Cundari, Patrick Pii, iSculpture Art Gallery – San Gimignano- Italy

2017 DIALOGHI | curator: Elisabetta Donaggio | “L’Occhio” Gallery | Venice – Italy

2016BETWEEN THE LINES | CRAG Gallery | Turin – Italy

I N B E T W E E N | curator: Elisabetta Donaggio | “L’Occhio” Gallery | Venice – Italy

2015 Apocalipsis | curated by: Spazio Supernova | Santa Maria del Torresino Cittadella – Padova, Italy

2014 SUB TRACK | curated by Gaia Pasi | Zak Project Space Gallery | Siena, Italy

2013 FRAMMENTI DI MEMORIA | L’Occhio Gallery | curated by Elisabetta Donaggio | Venezia, Italy

2011 ALESSANDRO CARDINALE solo exhibition | curated by Karin Reisovà | AreaCreativa42 | Rivarolo Torino, Italy

2010 DAL NERO – FROM THE DARK | L’Occhio Gallery | curated by Elisabetta Donaggio | Venezia, Italy

2001 VENUS | Peano Foundation Park | Cuneo, Italy

2000 L’UNO E’ L’ALTRA Installation of the permanent public sculpture | curated by Peano Foundation | Cuneo, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions

LA Art Show 2019, represented by Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles Convention Center USA


PINTA MIAMI | Building Bridges Art Exchange, mIAMI

THE RELATIVE SHAPE OF BOUNDARIES | Building Bridges Art Exchange

curated By Marisa Caichiolo, Bergamot Station Art Centre, Los Angeles – USA


SET UP CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Crag Gallery, Bologna, Italy

LONDON ART FAIR, Crag Gallery, Business Design Center, London

LOS ANGELES ART SHOW | Building Bridges Art Exchange, curated By Marisa Caichiolo, Los Angels – USA


CONTEMPORARY ZURICH ART FAIR | Crag Gallery, Kongresshaus Zurich, Switzerland

BIENNALE CHINA – ITALY | Curated by Sandro Orlandi and Mian Bu, Plastic Factory #3 Culture Center, Beijing, China

FAR OFF | Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea + Zak Gallery, Maria Wildeis Hansaring | Köln

INFRA – ROSSO | Curated by Gaia Pasi, Teatro Elfo Puccini | Milano

ART PRAGUE, Art Fair, Crag Gallery, Kafka’s House | Prague


6TH BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE | NAMOC – National Art Museum of China | curator: Wang Yong, Wu Changjiang | Beijing – China

BIENNALE ITALIA – CINA | Curated by Sandro Orlandi and Mian Bu | Mastio della Cittadella |Torino – Italy

FOLLLOW ME | curated By Katharina Rosemberger and Anna Dusi | Italian Cultural Institute | San Francisco – USA

About New Ideas| Curated by Francesco Liggieri | Area 35 Gallery | Milano – Italy


BIENNALE CHINA – ITALY | Curated by Sandro Orlandi and Mian Bu | Factory 798 Art Zone District | Beijing, China

ENERGEIA | curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan | Pardes Foudation | Mirano | Venezia, Italy

ARTE FIERA | Zak Project Space Gallery | curated by Gaia Pasi and Marina Gennari | Bologna, Italy

SET UP ART FAIR | Un Tubo Art | Curated by Gaia Pasi and Stefania Margiacchi | Bologna, Italy


IN NATURA | curated by Gaia Pasi and Marina Gennari | Zak Project Space Gallery | Siena, Italy

THE OTHERS ART FAIR | Ufo Fabrik Art Gallery | Torino, Italy

THE WITCH HUNT | curated by Anna Zerbaro Pezzin | Palazzo Fogazzaro | Schio (Vicenza), Italy

ART VILNIUS | Ufo Fabrik Art Gallery | Vilnius, Lituhania

SOFT POWER | Museo Revoltella | Trieste, Italy

BAF Bergano Art Fair | Ufo Fabrik Art Gallery | Bergamo, Italy


V°BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE | National Art Museum of China | curated by Wu Changjiang, Wang Jong, | Beijing, China

A BIG ISSUE | curated by Anna Zerbaro Pezzin | Lanificio Conte | Schio (Vicenza) Italy

48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN | Silver Silver Lopez Studio Galerie | Berlin, Germany

MOTUS URBIS | Museo Revoltella, | Trieste, Italy

RELATIVITY | curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan | Pardes Foudation | Mirano | Venezia, Italy


RECONSIDERING EARTH | curated by Rifky Effendy | North Art Space Gallery | Jakarta, Indonesia

AMERICA LATO A – LATO B | curated by Anna Zerbaro Pezzin | Palazzo Fogazzaro | Schio, Vicenza, Italy

CUORI SULLA TERRA | curated by Cristina Gennari and Mirella Cisotto | Spazio Ex Macello | Padova, Italy

ADAMÀ | curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan | Pardes Foudation| | Venezia, Italy


GEMINE MUSE | curated by Teresa Iannotta | Padova, Italy

EMERGENZA ARTE | curated by Carolina Lio, Villa Farsetti | Santa Maria di Sala | Venezia, Italy

L’ARCHITETTURA INCONTRA L’ARTE | curated by Stefania Schiavon | Cultural Center San Gaetano | Padova, Italy

ITALIA CREATIVA FESTIVAL | Kursal Santa Lucia theater | Bari, Italy


MOVIMENTAZIONI | curated by Martina Starnini | Palazzo Ducale | Genova, Italy

GARGLING SKY | curated by Polyxene Kasda | Heraclion – Atene, Grece

QUOTIDIANA 09 | curated by Stefania Schiavon and Teresa Iannotta | Palazzo Trevisan | Padova, Italy


IL CORPO NUDO | Galleria Narciso | Fondazione Sandro Penna | Torino, Italy

ARTE IN VERDE | curated by Ornella PiIuso | Società Umanitaria | Milano, Italy


PAESAGGI LETTERARI | curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan | Pardes Foudation| | Venezia, Italy


ARTE & SUD | curated by Antonio Arévalo | Castello di Accastello | Catania, Italy


PREMIO CELESTE 2014, (shortlisted)

PREMIO ORA, curated by Carolina Lio (Winner)

V BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE, NAMOC National Art Museum of China, Beijing – China ( winner of the International section )

CARLO BONATTO MINELLA PRIZE, organised by Areacreativa42, Rivarolo Canavese, Torino (Winner)


SCULTURE DA VIVERE PRICE Peano Foundation, Cuneo (Winner)