In Turin, Italy, this 1,291-square-foot law office was designed as an interpretation of classicism in a contemporary way based on the idea of agorà, which refers to “a place of gathering” and was the center of the political, religious, and economic life in ancient Greece. Colors—such as dark blue, grey, and black—cover the entire space as well as pieces of furniture, playing with light, forms, and different materials such as metal and resin. “We wanted to create an experience of a public space like an agorà and we did it in a surrealistic way,” Eirini Giannakopoulou, cofounder of SCEG Architetti. “The metaphysical landscapes of Giorgio de Chirico and Ramon Enrich were our main sources of inspiration.”

Crag is please to collaborate with SCEG Architetti with the artworks of a selection of artists of the Gallery.

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