B. Italy, 1995 / Living and working in Turin

My artistic practice follows two threads: the first is an intense interest in the aesthetics of fiber and textile arts, using both natural and synthetic material, with traditional embroidery and Italian tailoring acting as his main reference points; while the second is an exploration of my self, both in past and present terms, through contemporary-pop icons, figures, and objects commonly found in the urban landscape.


Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, 2018)




2018 Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin


2022 The Others Art Fair, CRAG Gallery, Torino

2022 I cieli in una stanza, CRAG Gallery, Torino

2022 Hluboko Dole, Galeriae Dole, Ostrava, RP

2021 The Others Art Fair, CRAG Gallery, Torino

2021 CRAG LIDO, Crag Gallery, Torino

2020 Il filo della storia, curated by Ermanno Tedeschi, Jewish Museum, Lecce

2019 Useless Objects, curated by Caroline Elen Liou, Associazione Barriera, Torino

21019 A.F.E’.U.F.S.L.D.U.T.S.N., curated by Gpilolae Jackout, GSF Contemporary Art, Torino

2018 TheStore,curated by Victor Kastelic, Kspace, Torino


Palazzo Mocenigo, Venezia

curated by Cornelia Lauf MUVE–Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia, Round table and Networking on embroderyin Art, 2018